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Moon in Scorpio Woman. A moon in Scorpio woman is very intense. She is charismatic and strong. If Scorpio is emphasized in the chart of a woman she often has a femme fatale aura. The Moon in Scorpio woman is sensual and seductive. Sex is important for her in a romantic relationship. In a relationship, commitment and loyalty are very important. Highly-sexed and passionate Scorpio comes alive with moves that evoke mystery. Think of your favourite Scorpion, and you’ll note that he or she probably has a signature undulating move when they really get into the music, moving close, then backing off. Keep the Heart of a Cancer Woman The Cancer woman is not someone that you want to offend, hurt or betray. She has a lot of patience, understanding and a big heart. Once the claws are out, they are out. Her dark side is especially cold. You do not want to be on her wrong side. She may not hurt you, seek out to damage you, but she will freeze you.
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